Southern Oregon Hypnotherapy

Imagine that you can change your Life, and then know it is true.
Achieve the best health and the highest quality of Life.

Alaya M. Ketani
offers very potent work for very potent times.  She is a Clinical, Medical, Transpersonal, and Alchemical Hypnotherapist.  She is also a Biofeedback~HeartMath Specialist, Somatic Experiencing, NLP and Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Mental Acuity Trainer.  In addition she is a Senior Level Mediator.  She offers an interweaving of these modalities creating potent sessions specifically and intuitively designed for each client.

The unique difference with Alaya’s work is that Alaya brings far more than extensive training and 30+ years of client experience. The skills and insights that inform the potency and uniqueness of her work have been formed through her own inspirational life journey triumphing over catastrophic circumstances.

Alaya is also a registered Minister who performs nondenominatial weddings.  She offer no bias, nondiscrimination beautiful loving service in alignment with your wishes.  Please contact her to schedule your wedding ceremony, and discuss the dream you’d like to create with her.   See more about
in this website under the tab labeled “About.”



*NEW: Reduced Price Group Begins September 5th, 2017* 6:30~8pm and Ongoing Weekly Tuesday Eves.
If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Alaya.  Space Limited.  Bring Your Friends.

Will Be Potent and Enjoyable.

You can also form your own group(s).  Gather three or more friends or associates together and contact Alaya for special group rates and scheduling.


Alaya sees clients in her two offices: In Ashland’s beautiful Hidden Springs Wellness Center, and in her office in Grants Pass. Her clients travel long distances for the opportunity to experience her life changing work. She offers in-person, on-site, and Skype sessions with flexible scheduling and special group rates.  If you are interested in a group, please feel free to speak with her about your ideas.  They can be self-formed, and seasonally she will offer an intimate group experience with a theme that is powerful.  Contact Alaya with your ideas.


Give yourself this valuable gift of Empowerment.


Alaya also sees clients in hospitals, recovery and retreat centers, resorts, corporations, agencies, golf courses, athletic centers, and onsite in many organizations that are interested in informational talks and demonstration.


Call Alaya if you’d like to arrange a free phone consultation, and feel free to request an appointment online.  * Please note that for first session scheduling, a brief phone consultation is required. *  Payments are accepting in the following forms:  special prepaid cash discounts, credit card payments, checks drawn through Rogue Valley banks, and payment plans in times of special exception.
Some limited barter opportunities. 


 For special sliding scale rates in circumstances of hardship,
please call Alaya.
Email:  hotai23@gmail.com
Snail Mail:  PO Box 1044, Talent, Oregon  97540