About Alaya

Alaya M. Ketani Empowers People

Empowering those seeking to overcome Alaya M. Ketanichallenges and lead a life of well-being and success is a life-long passion for Hypnotherapist Alaya Ketani. She listens and responds to each patient’s unique situation, helping her clients gain the skills, awareness and empowerment to excel in many facets of life. Alaya has worked extensively with clients of all ages and challenges as both a social worker for agencies and in private practice.


Ms. Ketani is a practitioner with a rare blend of expertise combined with insights gained through her own inspirational life story. Alaya places strong emphasis on sensitively tuning into each client as a unique individual and teaching the skills and understanding that activate a new way of connected living for each —enhancing the capacity for a life of happiness, peace, and success.  She fine tunes her work and unique connection with her clients because she knows firsthand how important this is having experienced tremendous obstacles in her life.


Alaya provides personalized solutions for each client. She is an expert in four schools and multiple advanced applications of Hypnotherapy including  Medical, Clinical, Alchemical, and Transpersonal. She combines this expertise with a passion for Neuroscience, and is certified as both an NLP Meta States and Personal Genius Practitioner.


Alaya also brings her expertise as a HeartMath Biofeedback  Specialist, Somatic Emotion and Trauma Release Practitioner, Timeline Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Havening Guide, as well as instruction in Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-HypnosisMind Mastery, Self-Hypnosis Trainer and Meditation Instructor, and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty as a Peak Experience Coach. She leads with a rare and vast expertise enhanced through through Alaya’s extraordinary experience, heart and intuition. Read the Client Testimonials on this website and hear how life-changing and even life saving Alaya’s work has been for her clients.


As of January 2018, Alaya serves as Co-Chair of the Jackson County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  In this position, Alaya is initiating and activating continued awareness, training and action to help ensure the safety and empowerment of the most vulnerable sectors of our population.


Alaya has also created K.A.W.S. Keeping Ashland Women Safe, a taskforce separate from the Council, whose mission is to to provide a platform for ongoing community recognition of the reality of Women’s safety in Ashland. This is accomplished through social media, events, and risk prevention trainings in collaboration with the Ashland Police Department and other agencies. Please “Like” our facebook page.


A Personal Touch

Alaya Ketani brings far more than just extensive training and 40 years of working with people seeking change. She speaks from personal experience, bringing skills and insights gained through her inspirational life journey. Alaya has faced and overcome catastrophic circumstances including natural disasters, childhood trauma, a critical car crash and total disability twice, a corporate shootout, several family members with cancer, and being close to death three times.  She began as a young child seeking a better understanding of life and how to navigate it with skill and understanding.  She intimately understands how challenging life can be and will teach you methods to come through your difficulties with strength and success.


In order to triumph through her own life hardships, she dove deeply into both ancient wisdom teachings and modern trainings to find her answers and success.  She knows she would not have survived many life-threatening chapters if she were not fully dedicated to clarity, insight and tremendous skill building, nor without the talented practitioners who helped her in a very personal way.  She therefore understands the tremendous value in being a guide who uniquely designs her sessions for each client bringing her hard earned mastery.


As a result, she sees the complexity of each client like an intricate puzzle, listening intently and asking focused questions while discerning the particular blend of skills and experience from the vast storehouse of her successes that will be most valuable for each client’s optimum advancement.  Clients travel nationwide to experience her rare potent work and experience life changing success.  She is living proof that there is always hope, and an opportunity for a new empowered beginning.


And More

Clients report that they experience the beginnings of healing and confidence as soon as they enter Ms. Ketani’s presence. Alaya has studied formal methods of energy transmission and healing, including but not limited to being a Reiki Master, and a Matrix Blueprint Practitioner. Alaya inter-weaves many modalities providing a potent and unique combination rarely found, enabling her clients to see and transform their present state sustainably and in real-time.


As a Peak Experience Coach and Mind Mastery Trainer, Ms. Ketani brings out the best in athletes and those seeking to succeed in their chosen performance fields.  Alaya especially loves working with the mental game of golf and collaborates with PGA certified instructors as well as other athletic trainers to help clients find their authentic inner genius and flow so that their mindset is one that enhances rather than hinders their success.


Alaya also offers her wide range of skills as a Mentor to new practitioners seeking to further refine their skills and develop their entrepreneurial aptitude. She is a patient and insight guide who enjoys consulting with individuals and organizations.


Ms. Ketani’s specialized certifications include the following areas: Complementary Medical Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Oncology (Hypnotherapy for Cancer), Pain Management, Anxiety Relief, Pre- and Post- Surgery, Hypnodontics (Hypnotherapy for Dentistry), Healing Phobias, Enhanced Sports and Athletic Conditioning, Improved Sleep, Performance, Public Speaking, HypnoFertility Therapy, and a specialized form of Birthing that is distinct from others because of her multi-modality expertise. She is also certified in Accelerated Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Meta-States. She teaches Self-Hypnosis, Stress Management techniques and Meditation, present-centered awareness known as Mindfulness as well as Neuroscience and Mental Mastery skills.


Three Locations in Southern Oregon

Alaya Ketani sees clients in her Ashland, Grants Pass and Bandon Oregon offices. She also sees clients on site in organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, golf courses, tennis courts, lecture halls, spas and retreat centers in and around the Rogue Valley and throughout Southern Oregon. She travels to other counties and states for pre-arranged series of sessions. She is available for informational talks and classes for schools, organizations, companies, and medical clinics and groups. She offers group sessions for those who organize their own groups, as well as groups that she assembles. She is open to groups centered on topics of client interest. Feel free to contact Alaya with your ideas.


Southern Oregon Affiliations


  • Alaya serves as Co~Chair for the Jackson County Council Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  Also she has formed a special committee to address the increased violence and threats against Women in her home town, Ashland.
  • She is a member of Ashland Association of University Women (AAUW), which is significantly involved in key issues affecting Women in all segments of our population.
  • Alaya is currently a member of Jackson County Elks, an organization that supports several philanthropic pursuits including specialized hearing equipment and free testing for low income children.
  • She is also a member of Women Entrepreneurs of Southern Oregon (WESO).
  • In 2005 Alaya formed the Natural Birthing Healers Network in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon a matrix of ten birthing professionals, which has since evolved into a new large organization known as the Southern Oregon Birth Connection that is serving the community in several ways.
  • As a Senior Mediator, she holds several specialized certifications including Community Mediation, Family, Relationship, Multigenerational, Bi-racial, Incarceration, and more.She has facilitated numerous meditations and has been praised for her successful facilitation of especially difficult conflicts to mutual resolution.  She has also served as a Training Coach for the organizations providing education and experience for new mediators.
  • Alaya has worked extensively with several nonprofit organizations serving to assist the most challenged segments of our population including in the areas of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Prevention, those individuals classified as the least rehirable, in Senior Employment and Training Programs, and with Families in Poverty.
  • She has enjoyed being one of the music hosts for Jefferson Public Radio, a large radio station received in Southern Oregon and Northern California. She has also appeared as one of the lead actors in a play in Ashland’s Black Swan Theatre.
  • Alaya’s training continues. Her passion for Neuroscience expands and deepens her skill set consistently, as well as advanced training in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Faster EFT.  She has also been engaged in studies for her PhD in EcoPsychology, which introduces nature as the model for balance and sustainable relationships with all life, awakening latent senses and supporting the emergence of healthy natural attractions.


Alaya offers free telephone or in-person introductions, and can be reached by phone at (541) 292-2945, or by email. Give yourself this gift of empowerment to create a new life. She welcomes your contact.