About Alaya

Alaya M. Ketani

Alaya is a WellBeing Specialist who uses an integration of several mind~body modalities to help those who seek to heal and overcome life and medical challenges, to gain clarity and to excel in many facets of life.   She is acclaimed for her compassionate life changing sessions with clients who travel from all distances.   She has been a source of hope and inspiration to many.  She has worked extensively with clients of all ages and challenges as a social worker and in private practice.  She places strong emphasis in teaching skills that activate a new way of living with wisdom and connection, enhancing our capacity for a life of happiness, peace, healing and success.  This enables her clients to see and experience life in a way that has proven to be extremely empowering.  She has also been a registered Reverend of the Universal Life Church Ministry since 2002, and is available to officiate weddings.  She offers no bias, no discrimination beautiful Loving services customized according to her clients’ wishes.


Alaya works very personally with each client, and her expertise lies in several facets of Hypnotherapy:  Medical, Clinical, Alchemical, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  She is also certified as an NLP Meta States Practitioner.  This branch of NLP material is considered to be the next stage in accessing personal genius.  She also brings her expertise as a Biofeedback~HeartMath Specialist, Somatic Practitioner, Mindfulness Instructor, Timeline Therapist, and Certified Professional Life Coach with a specialty as a Peak Experience Coach.  Alaya applies sage wisdom that has been passed down through all religions and spiritual traditions.


She intuitively sees into the heart of all she meets and is guided from a deep well of insight. Clients report that they experience the beginnings of healing and confidence as soon as they enter her presence.  She has studied formal methods of energy transmission and healing, including and not limited to being a Reiki Master, and a Matrix Blueprint Practitioner.  Alaya inter-weaves many modalities providing a potent and unique combination rarely found enabling her clients to see and transform their present state sustainably and in real-time.


Alaya brings far more than extensive training and 30+ years of client experience.  She brings the skills and insights gained through her own inspirational life journey having experienced and recovered from serious challenges including natural disasters, childhood trauma, a critical car crash and total disability, corporate shootout, several family members with cancer, and near death three times.  These circumstances combined with a lifetime of study and many gifts and practices inform her client sessions in a very special way bringing undeniable hope and success to all who work with her.


Her specialized certifications include the following areas:  Complementary Medical Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Oncology (Hypnotherapy for Cancer), Pain Management, Anxiety Relief, Pre- and Post- Surgery, Hypnodontics (Hypnotherapy for Dentistry), Healing Phobias, Enhanced Sports and Athletic Conditioning, Performance including Public Speaking, HypnoFertility Therapy, and a specialized form of Birthing that is distinct from others because of her combined expertise.  She is also certified in Accelerated Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Meta-States.  She teaches Stress Management techniques and Meditation, present-centered awareness known as Mindfulness as well as Mental Mastery skills.


Her practice is focused upon many facets of holistic wellness, life enhancement, and transition easement. She often collaborates with other health practitioners to support her client’s total wellbeing, and welcomes contact from them for the highest care of mutual clients. She has extensive experience with both Deep Trance and Waking Hypnosis, and Somatic Experiencing (SE).  This work is based on the model of Peter Levine, which teaches clients how to regulate their nervous system and build resilience  ~ an approach that she has found highly successful in her own healing journey.  


Alaya is also a Senior-level Mediator who is highly esteemed in the Rogue Valley for her excellence in simultaneously combining the business and intuitive aspects to conflict resolution.  She brings these skills to her healing practice in a format that she has created called “Inner Mediation.”


These present times are presenting financial, personal, and professional upheaval, confusion, and challenge worldwide for even those who have considered themselves the most stable. She teaches her clients how to access a point of clarity and a foundation of calm amidst the most troubling circumstances. This same state will reset and renew physiological and emotional systems enabling accelerated healing and renewal. Her clients span a wide range of age, from children to near ninety.


Alaya feels a deep passion and meaningful purpose in bringing valuable awareness, inspiration, and empowerment to those who seek relief from suffering, hope to those who may feel they are in hopeless circumstances, and success to those who desire to excel in their life in many capacities.  What you experience in working in session with Alaya will expand your capacity for unlimited possibilities, and with self-commitment you will never be the same.


Alaya sees clients in her Ashland, Grants Pass and Bandon offices and on site in organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, golf courses, tennis courts, lecture halls, spas and retreat centers.  She travels to other counties and states for pre-arranged series of sessions. She is available for informational talks and classes for schools, organizations, companies, and medical groups.  She offers group sessions for those who organize their own groups as well as groups that she assembles.  She is open to groups centered around topics of client interest.  Feel free to contact her with your ideas.



In 2005 Alaya formed the Natural Birthing Healers Network in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, a matrix of ten birthing professionals. She has also been trained as a birth doula through the National Cappa organization.


As a Senior Mediator, she holds several specialized certifications including Community Mediation, Family, Relationship, Multigenerational, Bi-racial, Incarceration, and more.  She has facilitated numerous conflicts to successful mutual resolution, and also serves as a Training Coach for the organizations providing education and experience for new mediators.


Alaya has worked extensively with several nonprofit organizations serving to assist the most challenged segments of our population including in the areas of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Prevention, those individuals classified as the least rehirable, in Senior Employment and Training Programs, and with Families in Poverty.


She has enjoyed being one of the music hosts for Jefferson Public Radio, a large radio station received in Southern Oregon and Northern California.


Alaya has been engaged in studies for her PhD in EcoPsychology, which introduces nature as the model for balance and sustainable relationships with all life, awakening latent senses and supporting the emergence of healthy natural attractions.


She offers free telephone or in-person introductions, and can be reached by phone at (541) 292-2945, or by  email. Give yourself this gift of power to create a new life. She welcomes your contact.