As My Birthday Approaches

Another birthday approaches for me in about two weeks, and I am in full awareness of how fortunate I am for my life. It could have ended many years ago.


I was a child of trauma, a very sensitive child with gifts that I used without instruction or awareness. My Father was explosive, my Mother despairing. My parents told me that life was not about being happy and that I was hard to love. This lie haunted me through my life until a catastrophic experience finally uprooted it at its subconscious foundation as I lay for months without a visitor recouping from a natural disaster. My Mother died young; I stepped in to raise my brother rather than leave him with our abusive father. It was a setup from childhood, an exceedingly challenging life.


I dove deeply into the questions I had about life and the purpose of mine. Years passed full of experiences including domestic violence, a serious car crash, a corporate shootout, an avalanche, and floods… twice. I experienced total disability twice once for four years and again for one. My longing was so deep for happiness and peace. No family support and catastrophic circumstances flung me into constant and deep self-inquiry, and through consistent skill building, training, resourcefulness, relentless persistence and Grace, Understanding has come and continues.


My life has resurrected numerous times, and my life’s work has become clear: to help those in challenge to understand and gain the skills and awareness needed to change their life. My work with clients is potent. I understand challenge; I know what it takes to create life by intentional design rather than as a victim of shock and trauma.


So as this birthday approaches, I find depth of Thankfulness, Peace and Love that continue to deepen. My clients experience powerfully effective session work. We each have the opportunity for new beginnings in every moment, over and over again. Please contact me if you’d like to learn how to create your new beginning, empower your Life and heal your Heart as I have done. I offer a free phone consultation, and am happy to answer your questions and share how I can help you become empowered and create a happy life.

~ Alaya Ketani CHT CFT CPC, 541~292~2945
Combining four schools of Hypnosis, Neuroscience, Somatic Release, Biofeedback, Teaching and Coaching

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