Extensive evidence suggests that many of us have suffered as a result of birthing practices that were unnatural, traumatic, and even violent. Hypnotherapy is very effective in all phases of birth from conception, pregnancy, to postpartum recovery. Bringing a healthy and happy baby into the world is a sacred and fulfilling experience for parents and the child. Alaya’s expertise with Hypnotherapy along with specialized training in the HypnoBirthing method is a powerful and valuable combination. HypnoBirthing is an internationally recognized method in the art and science of birthing. Alaya offers it in a five-class series, a weekend, or in private sessions.


HypnoBirthing as taught by Alaya, substitutes deep serenity and peace in place of the fear that has been programmed into women about the birthing process. It is a skill set, a meditative practice, and more. Creating deep awareness and instinctual trust within the birthing experience is empowering and liberating for the mother. The process allows the mother to experience her body’s own natural anesthesia by working with the natural, pure intelligence of the body. Obtaining skills that will serve the mother and child for a lifetime, HypnoBirthing teaches partners how to eliminate the fear/tension/pain syndrome, illustrates how the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature, and has also been proven to be very effective in turning breech and posterior positioned babies.


Alaya integrates this valuable practice with a purity of flow and empathic sensitivity to each client. This results in more calm circumstances that enable everyone, including hospital and birthing professionals, to more effectively facilitate and participate in the birthing, creating a more peaceful and pure beginning for the baby. Extensive evidence connects the birth experience with the emotional and mental health of children and adults. This points to the extreme importance of the birthing process. With Alaya’s combination of Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing, birthing becomes an experience that is instinctual, deeply gratifying, and enriching.