It began for me in 1984…


It began for me in 1984 when a fired employee who was seriously stalking a coworker filled an RV with @1000 rounds of auto ammo and cans of gasoline, shooting his way into one of ESL’s six buildings, a secret government defense company, and began shooting the halls, computers and intentionally selecting coworkers to shoot ~ killing seven and injuring many more. I was there. Perfect timing allowed me to exit a side door.  I called my department after I got to safety and spoke with my manager.  Sounds of gunshots and people screaming filled my ears.  She couldn’t find Laurie, “where’s Laurie” she was crying.  Then for seven hours, while sequestered in the building that was Swat headquarters, one after another of my rescued coworkers sat beside me and shared their trauma of  stepping over the dead bodies, blood everywhere, begging the shooter to spare them, and more. I sought to comfort them, in trauma myself. Hourly reports of the dead came. They continued to search for the shooter and talk him down. After several hours, I hid in a dark hallway waiting for it to be over. I was among a few who were given a tour of the halls the next day before cleanup. Lasting impressions.

I am offering special reduced rates right now for those experiencing associated trauma with the recent and repeated gun violence. I have specialized training working with Trauma and Nervous System Regulation using Somatic Release, Neuroscience, Four Branches of Hypnosis, Biofeedback, EFT and more. 40+ years extensive expertise plus an inspirational life journey through catastrophic circumstances.   Take good care Everyone  

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