Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a habit, not an addiction. The massive amount of propaganda that the smoking industry manufacturers causes the public to be programmed into thinking that the end of the smoking habit must be difficult. This is a gross misrepresentation. The subconscious holds very powerful core insights that result in patterns of behavior and underlying emotions that are key to Weight Mastery and Smoking Cessation. Through discussion and Hypnotherapy, Alaya enables her clients to gain the empowerment so that destructive behaviors and thought processes that cause overeating, eating disorders, and smoking are transformed into enjoying new, healthy, vibrant activities and choices.


Through Alaya’s extensive experience with clients, she has found that a significant commitment to oneself is always essential in this process, and this combined with Hypnotherapy and NLP is very effective in the co-creation of successful lifestyle and behavioral changes.


Alaya offers special group rates for smoking cessation and weight loss clients. Rates are based on 5+, 10+, and 25+ members. Barring significant life changes and/or other events, statistics show that everyone who is highly motivated will cease smoking after the first session, with two follow~up sessions in close proximity being a key to continued success. A fourth session is then recommended in three to five weeks. As in all cases, the number of sessions must be personalized according to each client’s individual circumstances.


Weight Loss Sessions are most effective in either private sessions or groups of at least six to ten sessions held weekly. Eating habits are influenced by a number of triggers and factors, so the number of sessions must be customized to individual circumstances, as in smoking cessation.


Clients who give themselves this valuable gift empower themselves by learning how to use the power of their mind to achieve their goals and live healthy happy lives.