Weight Mastery

The subconscious holds very powerful core insights that result in patterns of behavior and underlying emotions that are key to Weight Mastery and Smoking Cessation. Through hypnotherapy, Alaya enables the client to gain empowering insights to eliminate destructive behaviors and thought processes that cause overeating, eating disorders, and smoking. Sessions that include hypnotherapy and NLP Meta States provide clarity and anchoring for the transformation of these habits.


Through Alaya’s extensive experience with clients, she has found that a significant commitment to oneself is always essential in the process of attaining weight management and mastery of one’s well being in regard to eating disorders. The combination of Hypnotherapy and Biofeedback is very effective in the co-creation of successful lifestyle and behavioral changes.
Weight Loss Sessions are most effective in either private sessions or groups of at least six to ten sessions held weekly. Eating habits are influenced by a number of triggers and factors, so the number of sessions must be customized to the individual participants. Alaya offers special group rates for self-organized groups. Rates are based on 5+, 10+, and 25+ members.