Alaya considers her Life Coaching expertise to be both Coaching and a Mentoring service for those individuals who are committed to their transformation and prepared to be partners in the process.  Both Coaching and Mentoring with Alaya include accountability in weekly practice time to reach desired goals.  This method is significantly beneficial to healthy clients desiring a better personal sense of themselves and their life.  They are ready to learn and integrate effective methods of gaining insight, and navigating the tides of change.  Most of her clients are busy, productive people looking for solutions to counter-productive patterns that seem to have them stuck or that are not achieving the extent of accomplishment that they feel they can experience.  This can be in the realms of career, relationship, relocation or any transition, and more.  With those highly motivated individuals, transformation can be experienced quickly with Alaya’s unique blend of expertise that could include hypnotherapy, biofeedback, mindfulness, along with other modalities.


She assists and supports clients in:

  • Addressing and creating a more productive, desirable, satisfying, peaceful, and successful present that will design a contented and accomplished future vision;

  • Learning new skills and gaining refined tools to respond with insight and resilience when counter-productive patterns and triggers arise;

  • Co-creating discovery of one’s own answers, and learning techniques for awareness and new responses to challenges;

  • Processing natural reactions to hurdles into transformative life experiences that bring more strength and nervous system regulation to achieve a life that feels substantially worth living.

Alaya listens very discerningly and intuitively, asking specific questions and leading her clients into helping them to identify the challenges and turn them into victories. With Alaya’s unique combination of skills and expertise along with her life experience, clients’ growth and progress can be rapid and enjoyable.


Alaya is highly experienced in discerning those individuals who are ready for mentoring verses traditional forms of therapy.  For individuals who would be more appropriately served by licensed professional counselors, she knows the professional community well and refers potential clients to those professionals whom she feels could be a great fit within the counseling field.